• Welcome to the Stearns Agency The Mission of The Stearns Agency is to glorify God at all times in the services we provide and the advice we offer. To this end, we will use our knowledge and training to help our clients protect their well-deserved and hard earned assets from financial risk.
  • Retirement Planning The Stearns Agency has worked exclusively with retirees and those nearing retirement for over a decade. As a result, The Stearns Agency has specialized knowledge and experience in protecting retirees' assets and income from risks associated with inflation, the stock market, probate, and long term care.
  • Do You Have Long Term Care? Long term care costs are arguably the largest threat to your retirement plan and your financial legacy that you will leave behind to your heirs. The change from living in a home that is paid for to writing a $5,000 check every month for a nursing home room can be devastating.

Dear Valued Pre- or Post-Retiree,

The relationships that I have with my clients are built on trust. By working exclusively with retirees or those nearing retirement for over a decade, I understand the unique set of financial challenges that pre- and post-retirees face during this time in their lives.  Making sound financial decisions is critical at this stage of life and the consequences of these decisions can be felt for generations to come.

I would like to say that it has been my conservative retirement planning philosophy of principal-protected growth and guaranteed streams of income that has benefited my clients the most over the years. After all, this could not have been more evident in 2008 when none of my clients lost a penny while the stock market fell, and their retirement plans continued unchanged. By working only with pre- and post-retirees for over a decade, I know that this is not the time in your life when you should put your principal at risk.

While my clients have indeed benefited greatly from their retirement plans, what I believe they have gained even more from is the relationship based on trust that they have with me. I earn my clients' trust by truly listening to them, gaining a complete understanding of every aspect of their financial needs, and carefully going through a planning process with them. Undergirding all of these actions is a very simple principle that I live by: Always putting the client's interests ahead of my own. I look at this as simply doing what is right every time.

It would be my privilege to have the opportunity to meet you and begin building this relationship based on trust.


Dave Stearns
President The Stearns Agency